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Dragon's Are Forever
The Realm Of Fantasy


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Have you ever seen the dragons,
dancing on a moon lit night?
High up in the sky-
what a very beautiful sight!

They move like the wind
from star to star,
With their beautiful colors
and their wonderful style.

Look up to the heavens
at the beautiful scene,
observe the dragons of time.
For it is there that you will see.
The innocence of man kind.

Remember when you danced
with the dragons, when you
reached out and touched them?
All night you played and frolicked.
Oh what a special time that was.

You too can dance with the dragons,
If only you truly believe.
That through a child's eyes,
every dream can be concieved.


Did you ever think of yourself as a Dragon?

Well according to the Chinese Zodiac.
If you were born in the years
1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976 & 1988.
Then you were born in the year of the Dragon.

Dragons are passionate and softhearted,
but somewhat stubborn, very healthy and energetic.
The next year of the Dragon is 2000.
What a way to start off the millenium with the Dragon.


Dragons of the Elements
Tristan guardian of fantasy creatures.

Dragon of the Air: ruler is Sairys, he oversees the dragons of breeze and wind. Color of the element is yellow.

Dragons of the Wind , Storm, and Weather: are long slender, some with gauzy wings. Sometimes they have feather-looking scales that surround their eyes and necks. They have long feathery antennae. They tend to be pale yellows and blues, but change to angry red-orange, purple, or black when they call up storms. they live in cloud banks or very high mountain peaks. Some oriental weather dragons live in pools or ponds.

Dragon of fire: ruler is Fafnir, he oversees the dragons of fire and sundowns. Color of the element is Red.

Dragons of fire and volcanoes: are shades of reds, oranges and deep yellow. they have thick heavy bodies with long snakelike necks and tails. Some of them sleep in dormant volcanoes.

Dragon of water: ruler is Naelyan, who oversees the dragons of the seas, springs, lakes, ponds and rivers. Color of the element is pure blue.

Dragons of the seas, lakes, rivers and ponds: are shaped like oriental dragons. They are long and serpent-like , usually without legs or wings. They have feathery fringes about their mouths and down their backs, and can be big or small. They are shades of blue, with a silvery hue to their scales. Their belly scales are some shade of blue.

Dragon of the earth: ruler is Grael, who oversees the dragons of mountains, land, minerals, gems and moonbeams. Color of the element is clear dark green.

Dragons of the forest, mountains, and desert: colors are shades of green and brown, with upright rows of sharp scales down their necks and back. Dragons of the mountains and forest lived close to humans at one time. They have heavy bodies, four legs, huge wings, a long neck and tail. Mountain dragons have a heavier looking body then forest dragons. Forest dragons live in deep forests, groves and in solitary clusters of trees. They like the changing pattern of sunlight through the trees. These dragons at one time lived in or around barrows or burial mounds, especially if treasure was inside. Mountain dragons lived up high in rocky peaks or rugged outcroppings. Dragons of the desert are serpentine in shape with long slender tails. Larger desert dragons often have huge wings. The small ones have extremely small wings that are not good for flying. They have 2-4 legs which are very powerful and they can run very fast over sand or desert. The short flights of smaller dragons are more like long hops or jumps than flying. They build their lairs in rocky outcroppings or deep in areas of sand dunes, far away from humans. They like anything shiny, treasure, armor, swords, gems, etc.

Guardian dragons: come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Usually quite small in size, but not always. Little guardians are colored in pastel or lighter shades with belly scales of a myriad of hues. Dragons age very slowly, therefore the juvenile stage could last a hundred or more years. The older adult dragons range in size from (tiger size to huge) and their scales are more pronounced and harder. Little guardian dragons have softer scales and are supervised by one or more adult dragons for protection and safety. Guardian dragons will help protect you and your property, if they are your friend. They are invisible, quiet and very playful, especially with the household pets. They love children and follow them about with great interest.


Designed by: ~New York Lady~


All gifs were taken from free public domain.If for any reason these belong to someone,please notify me,and I'll either remove it or give credit upon verification