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Knight's Tavern
The Realm Of Fantasy


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Definition of a knight
1. a) A soldier in the Middle Ages who served and pledged loyalty to a king or lord as a mounted man-at-arms. In return, the knight was given the right to hold land.
b) Later, a man, usually one of high birth, who after serving as page and squire was formally raised to special military rank and pledged to chivalrous conduct.
2. A man in Great Britain who is given the title "knight" by a sovereign for great achievements of service to the country.

....To Defend and Conquer....

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The ideals of the knight:

The knight must, in the first place, be a Christian and must obey and defend the Church on all occasions. He must respect all forms of weakness and defend the helpless wherever he might find them. He must fight the infidel ceaselessly, pitilessly, and never give way before the enemy. He must perform all his feudal duties, be faithful in all things to his lord, never lie or violate his plighted word. He must be generous and give freely and ungrudgingly to the needy. He must be faithful to his lady and be ready to defend her person and her honor at all costs. Everywhere he must be the champion of the right against injustice and oppression.

- James Harvey Robinson, c.1904