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Our Ordination Procedure
Universal Life Church Of Oklahoma


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Ordination - How to become a Minister
In order to become ordained, please contact anyone of us, especially if you encounter a minister through one of the sites affiliated with us who seems to operate in ways which express you spiritually, socially, politically, whatever is of essence for you and your particular relationship to the Divine. A personal introduction to the Universal Life Church through that person is a much better way to become involved with the vastness of the organization. We will make all the necessary arrangements, and help you navigate through the process.
Or, if you prefer, become ordained here. Afterwards, please return to this site and communicate with us for whatever else you might need.

Ordination is simple, Free, valid for a lifetime. We can help you in the first easy steps, but also beyond them, to the important next ones: "Now I'm a Minister - where do I go from here?"


On the follwing page we will intoduce you to
sign up process for Ordination

Universal Life Church

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