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Universal Life Church Of Oklahoma


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Important Ordination Notice

Right after your ordination, within 5 minutes (or 30 minutes if you are with AOL) you should receive 2 email messages from us. One message tells you about the free bonuses and the INSPIRATIONS ebook. The second message is a long message welcoming you to the ULC and confirming your new ordination.

If you do NOT receive this long message then you are not legally ordained. Receiving this message tells you that the ordination information was sent to head quarters correctly and that the system works perfectly. If you do not receive these messages, you either used a bad email address or the system is being worked on. EVEN IF the system generated a certificate for you, if you do not receive the long welcome messages, then something went wrong. Try again in a day or two. Please accept our apology for this temporary inconvenience.

We do not offer blank ordination credentials. The online "printable" credential this website generates MUST include your full name and date of ordination for legal reasons. If you are looking for a blank "printable" credential because yours is missing or for whatever reason, please read this important announcement about blank credentials.

You are about to become an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. You may not ordain anyone else without their explicit permission. Before you continue, we ask that you use only factual information in this serious religious rite. This is a serious matter and should not be used to play jokes on your friends. In our experience, people become very upset to find themselves ordained WITHOUT their permission. It is not worth a broken friendship so don't do it please.

Because we need to have a vehicle to reach ULC ministers in time of urgency you will be added to the ULC Contact List. You will receive a few email messages from us over time with wonderful gifts, special "members only" discounts, important news and thoughts on how you too can increase your own abundance. By clicking the SUBMIT button on one of the next pages, you agree to receive a few email messages from the ULC Monastery.

After your ordination, you will receive 2 email messages. A welcome message, a long message explaining what ordination is and how to proceed from here and lastly, you will receive a message on how to DOWNLOAD YOUR SPECIAL FREE GIFTS. Save them to your desktop for easy reference. You will LOVE all 3 ebooks and they ARE FREE. These ebooks have been extensively tested and are definitely virus free so you can download them safely. Be sure to download your copy of "INSPIRATIONS, The ULC DeskTop Reference" right away before you forget.

Proceed With Your Ordination

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