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~ Siggiez ~

Personal Power

As we gaze out we see a vast green field with a lake at the far end.
We see trees and flowers, mountians, wide blue skies. There is an air of peace and tranquility out there that you can become one with and take with you.

Very few of us are at one with ourselves. We constantly seek that one thing that will make us feel whole, that will make us feel that we are where we should be, when we should be, with whom we should be. We seek cures for stress,
counseling, we dance the night away -
and we are further from the answer than we ever were.

On these pages I hope to share my thoughts on being the person that each of us can be, on uniting body, mind and spirit in balance and harmony. I hope to share tips and techniques that I have come across in my wanderings, as well as links to other sites that you may find personally empowering.

Hear the whispers of some of personal paths to empowerment


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Crystal People

Here are the soft whispers of the Crystal People, as they offer understanding and healing for All Of Our Relations. Each corner holds different vibrations, different memories - and opens different doors to higher knowledge of healing and understanding.

We can choose to empower ourselves in many different ways. Working with the Stone/Crystal People is one very potent system of healing and accessing knowledge. The specific structure of each of the Stone/Crystal People determines their vibratory state, which in turn determines what they are here to teach us and what they are here to help us with.

A few of the crystals that you will find on the following pages are as follows: Agate (healing), Amber (divination), Aquamarine (inspiration), Bloodstone (physical healing, cleansing), Blue Lace Agate (higher wisdom), Carnelian (focus, working with earth centered ritual), Citrine (finances), Dioptase (emotions and self-esteem issues), Fluorite (communications), Emerald (abundance), Kunzite (depression, insight), Opal (spirituality), Pyrite (psychic ability) and Smoky Quartz (working in dreamtime).

The Crystal People can be placed in our lives in many different ways - we can use them for meditation, in ritual, in simple groupings around our homes or our offices, to augment other modalities (such as massage or Reiki), as specific healers in their own right for any segment of All Of Our Relations (two legged, four legged, winged or finned peoples, as well as members of the plant and mineral families).

The whispers will suggest ways of grounding and cleansing your crystals, of how to choose a crystal and of how to work with them.

Crystals and Healing

The crystal world represents one of the most amazing healing modalities that we have at our fingertips. Through crystals we can activate the natural healing abilities that reside within each of us. Crystal healing involves the properties of color and light - the healer is in essence infusing the aura of the person being healed with reflected light from the stones. The healing invoked occurs on many levels - and in all of our bodies (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) - it is a total healing.

There are many ways in which crystals can be used to invoke healing. They can be focused on specific areas, such as the third eye, to open and unblock the chakra to facilitate an altered state of learning. Amethyst, Azurite and Luvulite are often used for this purpose.

Healing of the inner child is another important point of focus. We empower ourselves to let go of our fears when we understand their basis - where they came form in out past. Rose quartz (often called the healing crystal) and Green Aventurine (also a quartz, and used for healing in the mental, emotional and physical realms) used in combination facilitate healing deep within the heart.

Meditation and channeling are other important areas that can be facilitated with the use of crystals. In both cases a deep, clear connection with the higher self is made, making available the inner clarity needed to access Universal knowledge (on the level of the Akashic records).

Crystals are also keepers of knowledge. They can be cleared, charged and infused for specific purposes - for protection, for healing, for meditation.

As lightworkers, as stewards of the planet earth, we have a responsibility to show respect for, to honor and to put to best use the tools that we have at hand, the tools that Great Spirit has gifted us with.

My hope is that you will choose to walk this path with me and share in the whispers of the crystal world.
The links below will take you to hear their whispers and share their wisdom.



The workhorse of the stone world; slow forming, steady and reliable. Promote grace, good health, happiness, intelligence, and longevity. One who looks upon an agate tells the truth and is aided in remembering. Agates are grounding and gentle. They are protection stones, stones for inheritances. They give strength, victory and attunement with the earth. They sharpen sight, illuminate minds and assist in discovery. They protect children from falling. Agates come in various colors each color lends to you its energy.


Protection for the super-sensitive (especially in crowds). Strengthens sexual energy. Eases the pain of loneliness. Helps with emotional understanding. Liberates mental feelings. Strengthens the immune system. Brown or Tawny agate was once worn by ancient warriors in battle and is a wealth talisman.


FIRE AGATE: Helps one who needs extra courage or energy to face stress. Banded agate increases energy and eases stress. Is said to help those who are overly timid become more assertive and self-expressive. Strong protectors, reinforcing your strength and providing protection if you are very sensitive


Crown and brow center opener that connects the spiritual to the physical. Aura protector that neutralizes fears and opens the mind and Being to new ideas. For meditation the clouds lead the mind into astral realms and expand consciousness. Eases emotional pain, aids creative visualization, increases trust and strength for earthly survival. Stimulates universal love. Connector to spirit guides, helps open communications with unseen entities. Helps you connect with nature spirits and the land. Gardener's talisman increases your plants' fertility and ensures a bountiful crop or healthy flowers. Also useful in money and happiness spells. It can be used to relieve exhaustion and to heal problems with the neck and back. Wonderful stone to wear to draw new friends


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Mitakuye Oyasin Standing Elk
INYAN OYATE Invokes Cycle Of Cause And Effect
For the Spiritual Law of Karma, the Stone People have sent their representative.

I am the Crystal People here today to speak for the Stone Nations of Mother Earth: to remind the Peoples to be in contact with the Wisdom Keepers of their planet and to remember their roles in present and ancient times with the Stone People's Medicine.

The Stone Nations are the Keepers of the Wisdom of the Ages. Mother Earth Herself adorns the Stone People with Her Consciousness. Our memories are one with Hers.

Therefore, if you seek to enter into the understanding of the teachers of our Holy Mother Earth, you may take that pathway through the Crystal Door, the Arch of the Crystal Nations. At this hour in the changes, the Stone Relations have released to the human beings the memory of ancient times.

These memories are many bundles that the Stone Nations have held for the Two-Legged - bundles of victory and of defeat. These bundles are the memory of who you are and what you have done upon the face of Mother Earth. There is great responsibility that is now flying to your bodies. The Stone Nations have declared, "Spiritual Law of Karma!" They will no longer carry the burdens of the Two-Leggeds. Now these bundles are those bundles that you have prepared for yourself. Should they be pain and labor or should they be bliss in the Seventh Realm, what you have made is coming to you now. Thus, the Stone Nations have set into effect the cycles of Cause and Effect.

Yet know first, that the Energetic Signature and the Wisdom sent to the human beings upon the frequencies (13:20::11:11) - these Teachings of Old that you understand-are coming to you like the Spirit of Light. They will awaken your memory that is housed within the halls of the DNA. The very Crystalline structures within the Molecular awareness of your Being are awakening with treasurers old and foretold. If you need assistance to balance this Cause and Effect that you did set up for yourself through ages past, the Stone and Crystal People will be your helpers.

Among the Stone Nations, the Crystal People have chosen this Giveaway.

For our many Relations that cover the Earth are very tired of the heavy footsteps of human being. They would see human being grow very fast. It was selected among our clans that the Crystal People will be your helpers. And so, should your burdens prove to be too great for you, then enter through that Doorway, that Arch, of the Crystal People - going within . . . praying. . . and channeling frequencies to the benefit of all with the assistance of one of the Crystal Nation.

Then, those inner changes which may cause you difficulties will smooth like the graceful flow of the spring river. (For those of you who are too cold in your heart, this may feel like icebergs flowing through your veins). So, too, in your prayers and in your meditations, apply the Rainbow Light
the Crystal Peoples to feed your aura, to feed your chakras, to feed the gates of your spine. For we and you are related. Should you need assistance and understandings of the Crystal Nations, you may call upon the Whale Peoples as well.

Their Memory Song is the activation language of the Crystal Peoples. Thus, through your voice, sing your Celestial Song through the frequencies that we will create together. And then, that cycle of Cause and Effect which has been known as Karma will become a friend and no longer will you feel so terrible. For Karma will be transformed - as soon as you are ready - into that Dharma of Paradise. Then Grace, with the Grandmothers and the Relations, will be yours.

Standing Elk
Canku Woksape Wicasa
Mazaska Wicahpi Waste Wi

Standing Elk is one of seven Sundance Chiefs from the Yankton Sioux reservation. He is an emissary for Ista Wanzi (One Eye), Hehaka Wi (Elk Woman), Nape To (Archangel Michael), The Seven Sisters (Blue Star Woman, Red Star Woman, White Star Woman, Corn Woman, Turtle Woman, The Divine Mother and the White Buffalo Calf Woman). He his one of many messengers for the Holy Nations, the Star Nations and the Ascended Realms.

In 1994 he was given some information by
three Orion teachers concerning some symbols. These symbols were translated in their Sweat Lodge ceremonies by his Grandson Deerman. He then asked for help into refining the information. There were two individuals who were instructed by their guides to help. There names are Canku Woksape Wicasa and Mazaska Wicahpi Waste Wi. They were instructed to go into ceremony for further instructions. They had nightly ceremonies in Rapid City, South Dakota and many Spirit Guides came to offer their message for the symbols.

These symbols were to be known as the Maka Wicahpi Wicohan ("Earth Star Ways") There are 11 Universal Laws and 11 Spiritual Laws. The Spirit cited them as the 11:11. The Universal Laws are feminine and the Spiritual Laws are masculine. There are three guardians to each symbol. The first guardian is from the Holy nations, the second guardian is from the Star Nations and the third guardian for each symbol is from the Ascended Realms.

His instructions during this age is to share the teachings of the Maka Wicahpi Wicohan (The Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator), The Iktomi Wicahpi Wicohan, (The Sacred Star Spider Ways) and the Anpao Wicahpi Wicohan (The MorningStar Ways).

The Divine Plan by Which One can Live is a day by day plan given to the three teachers of the 11:11, Standing Elk, Canku Woksape Wicasa and Mazaska Wicahpi Waste Wi. This plan materialized as channeled messages from the Holy nations, Star Nations and the Ascended Realms for the Ascension Ways of Mankind.

Mitakuye Oyasin
Standing Elk


Please take a seat here by the fire with me, and listen to the soft whispers of dreamtime as the flames dance before us. The whispers may be those of your intuitive self - or they may be the soft nudgings of your Guides. They are keys to your personal journey - listen to them well.

Dreamtime allows us to *problem solve*, to access areas of our psyche not available during waking hours. Dreams may simply come to us, or we may ask for them. In whatever form they are, we need to remember that everything in the dreamscape, everyone in the dreamscape, are aspects of ourselves. Once we accept that, what appears on the surface to be incongruity becomes a placed lake reflecting our interior selves.

To ask for a dream, simply form a question about the area that you are concerned with (i.e. "Should I ask for a raise?" "Is this the right person for me?"). Keep the question short and specific. Ask the question in your mind (or out loud, if you prefer), then go to sleep. If you receive a dream that you do not understand, ask for another dream to bring clarity. Our dreams clearly reflect where we are in our daily lives, and as such they offer us the solutions to our waking problems. Dreams are an essential part of our emotional and physical health.

A good idea might be to keep a dream journal, and a pen or pencil right by your bedside, so that if you wake, at any time, you may write your dream down. Dreamtime information leaves us quickly - our journals help us retain the information so that we may review it if we choose (and also keep track of any recurring dreams).

Recurring dreams are something that we need to pay attention to and act on. In the act of writing the dream down and looking at it, the understanding will come to us. We will have retained the needed knowledge and can then apply it in our lives.

The whispers in the Dreamtime speak of what we need to know to interpret our own dreams - because they are specific to us and our lives. Dreaming of buildings/rooms/structures of any sort refers to the physical body.

Emotions in dreams are often symbolized by literal fire, or by electricity in sudden forms, such as lightening bolts.

The atmosphere in the dream reflects the dreamers emotions. Ask yourself how you *felt* in the dream - did the surroundings make you happy ... sad ... angry? Was the overall feeling one of a positive or a negative nature?

Water in a dream indicates the dreamers spirituality, and/or issues/views that are culturally induced.

The subconscious of the dreamer *is* the dream-maker. Therefore - the dreamer has control over his/her dream if they want to take it.

Look for the parts of the dream that you as the dreamer are avoiding - this is what is in the reality of your waking life - this is what you need to address.

The whispers are telling us that our dreams are meant to come to us as guidance.

Literally - we may ask to meet our Guides or Angels in our dreams, in the same manner that we may ask for dreams.



The whispers that you hear are about hope, about our pasts and our futures, our connections with ourselves and with our cultures. Here we celebrate the Spirit within.

Ceremony is what we make of it. It can honor a specific time in our life (leaving childhood, our first apartment, a project brought to completion, a time of year) our ancesters or living relatives - it is a time of honoring and giving thanks.

In using ceremony to honor daily events, we honor the spiritual within us. Daily ritual/ceremony might include Blessing and Thanking the rising and falling Sun, honoring the stages of the moon or even the seasons of planting, harvest and fallow. It is our connection with what is *real*. It stops the *busy* in our lives and connects us with what *really* matters.

How do we place ceremony in our lives? First we need to decide what or who we want to honor or give thanks for. Then we want to decide where the ceremony will take place. My suggestion is to hold it out of doors as much as possible - to connect with Mother Earth and All Of Our Relations.

Decide what you personally want brought in to represent your joy - it can be candles, flowers, pottery, photographs, shells, crystals, music - whatever brings the message of the ceremony home for you.

Decide what you want to say. You can write the ceremony yourself, you can ask each person invited to the ceremony to add their thoughts, you can use ceremony that has already been created (this will be especially true if the ceremony is of a cultural or religious nature).

Herbs, scented candles, flowers, good food and drink - all have a place in ceremony. Let the joy of your ceremony celebrate the joy of being you.


If we listen, we hear voices that whisper . The Ancient Ones tell us that affirmations are magical tools that we can use in our lives to bring about transformation. When we affirm, we are sending the thought to the Universe that this is what we want in our lives. Each time we repeat an affirmation it becomes that much stronger. The power of affirmation is limited only by the strength of the intention behind it.

Through the use of affirmation we program our subconscious with will and intent, focusing on what we wish to affirm/acknowledge that is already in our life, or what we wish to visualize and bring into our lives. With the power of affirmation, we gain control over our lives. We can gain self-esteem, bring ourselves to the best health we have ever thought possible, open ourselves to and attract nurturing relationships, connect with our inner selves to discover the happiness that exists there, and create a powerful belief system.

Affirmations are best done when the body is in a relaxed state - such as when coming out of meditation, when you first wake up in the morning, or just before you go to sleep. We can repeat them to ourselves (mentally or out loud), or we can put them on a tape and listen to them.

Our bodies hear and believe our every thought. Feed them Joy and Peace, and that is what it will give us back. Any issue can be a topic for affirmation - prosperity and abundance, health and wholeness, relationship, employment, forgiveness, working with Karmic issues, etc.

To create an affirmation, begin by addressing yourself by your given name (as opposed to saying "I"). For example, if I wanted to write an affirmation for abundance in my life, I might say: "I, (Name), am ready and willing to accept abundance in my life."

For best results, start on a new moon, and continue until the next new moon. Repeat your affirmation at approximately the same time each day, and see how easily you draw what you need to you. Try to maintain open-mindedness about how the outcome of the affirmation is manifested in your life.



All gifs were taken from free public domain.If for any reason these belong to someone,please notify me,and I'll either remove it or give credit upon verification

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