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The Land Of Fairy's
The Realm Of Fantasy


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"When the first baby laughed for the first time,
the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they went skipping about
and that was the beginning of fairies" - Sir James Matthews Barrie


Flowers, Herbs and the Faeries

Through the centuries, Europeans made note of which
plants were attractive to wee folk and which plants
offered protection from Faeries. Remember that most
flower faeries will reveal themselves in the colors of
the flower itself.

Angelica- the faeries of this flower are very beautiful. These faeries bring good fortune and strong energy.

Basil- This faerie spirit is more of an elf form. Where ever basil grows, there usually is a dragon to be found serving as protector.

Buttercup- These faeries are compassionate and empathetic towards humans.

Bluebell- If this flower rings in your garden, an evil faerie is near. One of the most potent of all the faerie flowers.

Carnation- Red carnations draw faeries who enjoy healing animals.

Clover- Wildly attractive to faerie life. Four leaf clover will break a faerie spell.

Cowslip- This is the best for attracting faeries into your yard. Loved and guarded by faeries. This flower has power to find hidden faerie gold.

Daisy- This flower draws all faeries, elves and nature spirits.

Dandelion- Said to be used by the faeries for making beverages.

Dill- Faeries dislike the scent of this plant.

Foxglove- A favorite of earth elementals. Worn by faeries sometimes as hats and gloves.

Hawthrone- Sacred to faeries, as well as the May Queen.

Heliotrope- A favorite of fire elementals.

Gorse- Repels almost all faeries.

Hollyhock- This is a favorite of faeries, especially the pink variety.

Iris- Iris was the Greek goddess of the rainbow, and the faeries of this flower manifest in all the colors of the rainbow itself.

Lavender- The faeries of this flower and the other nature spirits it draws are very protective.

Lilac- The scent draws faeries. The faeries of this flower are musical.

Lily- Favorite of nature spirits.

Lobelia- Attracts winged faeries.

Marigold- The faeries and nature spirits associated with this flower hold the mysteries and magic of thunderstorms.

Mistletoe- Attracts unpleasant tree faeries.

Morning Glory- Repels unwanted night faeries.

Mushrooms- Used by faeries to mark the boundaries of their dancing circles and portals to their world.

Pansy- Attracts parades of trooping faeries. This flower was used by Oberon as a love potion.

Phlox- The faeries of this flower are of elf form. They are more of an overseer and guardian.

Primrose- Believe to give faeries their power of invisibility. If one touches a faerie rock with the correct number of primrose in a posy it opens the way to faerie land and faerie gifts. If you have the wrong number them you're doomed.

Ragwort- A rye-grass used by faeries as make-shift horses. In the 17th century states that the magic words used to make the stems fly were Horse and Hattock.

Rose- This is one of the most sacred flowers, the faeries and spirits of this flower have strong ties to their elder brothers and sisters, the angles. They hold the secrets to time and it's exploration.

Rosemary- Gives protection from baneful faeries.

Sassafras- A favorite of air elementals.

Shamrock- Celtic faeries adore it.

Snapdragons- This plant and where it grows are often watched over by tiny dragons. The faeries and sprits of this flower have connections to the energies of all dragons and bring great protection.

Tulip- These faeries hold knowledge of the hidden significance of events, people and things.

Violet- This flower is sacred to all faeries, especially the Faerie Queen


Trees Associated With Faeries
There are many trees associated with faeries. One should
beware of faerie trees, because they are fiercely protected.
Oak, Ash and Thorn are the trees of Celtic lands and are
sacred to the faeries. Other trees include the Hawthorn,
Blackthorn, Whitethorn, Tulip, Birch, Elder, Redwoods,
Willow, Oak, Rowan, Felled Oaks, Hazel, Olive,
Cypress, Magnolia and Maple.


What Faeries Love!

Faeries love nature, woodland animals, flowers and herbs.
They love certain stones, especially shiny ones like marble,
tiger eyes or processed stones that are smooth. They are also
attracted to staurolite, lava, fluorite, peridot and jade. The
most sacred and favorite stone is the green emerald. Green
is the faeries traditional favorite color in many lands.
Probably because it is the prevalent color of nature. They
love clean water, milk, butter, bread, cakes, honey and
wine. There favorite is creamy milk. If you want to give a
gift to the faeries, hang ribbons or rags on thorn branches.
They love folk music from their native lands. Especially
when played on a folk instruments like the pennywhistle
or the recorder. Farmers who have had faerie encounters
say faeries like to play in the straw and love strawberries.


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