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Mermaids' The Dream's
The Realm Of Fantasy


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Geisha Mermaid

He really liked her blind. He'd sneak up from behind
and run his finger down her spine - say `it's fine'
though headlines shouted FINAL!
Pigs would fly, cities turned to powder shrines.....
He'd keep her dark brown eyes in brine and she'd be happy -
swimming under water. Safe! Looking for some seaweed she could
bake and make a meal for two. A Tokyo stew. And though he knew
she'd never do it - he never told her. He'd never ever tell her....

- Edward Ka-Spel


The Mermaid

She must just have left the sea.
Her hair and lips
Smelled of the sea till the morning.
Her rising and falling breast was like the sea.

I knew she was poor -
But you can't talk of poverty all the time.
Gently, next to my ear
She sang songs of love.

Who knows what she has learned and experienced
In her life fighting the sea.
Patching fish nets, casting fish nets, gathering fish nets,
To remind me of spiny fish
Her hands touched my hands.

That night I saw, I saw it in her eyes;
How lovely the sea has risen in the open sea.
Her hair taught me about waves;
I tossed and tossed around dreams.

- Orhan Veli


The Siren

He listened in thrall to the song of the siren,
Her voice like a star as it flew through the air.
He drowned in her eyes as she called him to follow,
And likened the sun to the gold of her hair.

She swept up her arms and held him close to her,
Her soft lips caressing the lines on his brow.
He could not resist her, a magic had trapped him,
And nothing could save him, for she had him now.

She pulled him down with her into the clear water,
He gasped as death started the grip on his soul.
His life ebbed away as she dragged him still further,
And laughed when she saw she'd accomplished her goal.

- An origional poem written and submitted by Charlotte Lester.



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