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According to Ancient beliefs, witches are women (the guys are called wizards) which practice black magic, ride broomsticks, have black cats and can see a person's future. They use various herbs to connote different potions to use in their magic. They are also called sorceresses. This is what is commonly known about witches. According to floklore, they are ugly creatures with warts and other disgusting ailments.


In the forest deep and green
Live many faeries unseen
Teasing pixies with tricks and taunts
Hiding in familiar haunts
As the sun sinks behind the hills
The sun's place the moon now fills
The twilight fades...and then
They appear in the glen
They begin to dance under the moon
To a soft and delicate faery tune
Dancing with such beauty and grace
Defying time, enchanting space
They have a charm that is untold
As they frolic in the moonlit fold
Silvery trees with branches long
Sway in time to the faeries song
Mystery is there as the faery lamp burns
For no one who goes there ever returns





Dance as if no one
were watching,
Sing as if no one
were listening,
And live every day
as if it were your last.

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